Homage: Church Street Murals

Homage from the Archives

“Homage,” 2013
Juried commission, Church Street Murals Project.
 14’ tall x 8’ wide; porcelain,  stone,  smalti, glass beads, industrial glazed ceramic and glass, grout, resin,  mahogany plywood.
Designer and Lead Maker: Anna Camilleri; Co-Lead: Tristan R, Whiston; Makers: Katie Yealland, Chantelle Gobeil

Photographer Martin Reis with his subject.

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Homage, 2013. Detail.

Red Dress Productions
Anna Camilleri –  Designer and Lead Builder
Tristan R. Whiston – Co-Lead Artist
Katie Yealland, Chantelle Gobeil – Associate Artists

Mixed Media
porcelain, stone, smalti, glass beads, glazed ceramic, vitreous glass, grout and resin on mahogany plywood

12′ x 8′

Located at 389 Church Street


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