An image of 2 people walking together. The figure on the left has short hair, white skin, and is wearing a hoodie, jeans, and sunglasses; she holds a white cane in front of her, and she clasps the elbow of her walking companion. The figure on the right, providing sighted guide, has curly hair, brown skin, and is also wearing jeans and a hoodie. A cityscape stencil arches around them in bright yellow. In the navy blue background, there is a faint indigo outline of a map of a Toronto neighbourhood. Behind the figures, there is a sky blue stencil collage of people and objects found in the neighbourhood including Victorian houses, a basketball hoop, intersection lights, a hawk flying, a person sitting on a bench, lilies, clouds, a person travelling in a power chair, dogs, and mailboxes.

Opening tonight! May I Take Your Arm?

If we walk together, does the way we ‘see’ our neighbourhood change?

In a downtown Toronto neighbourhood, blind artist Alex Bulmer takes the arm of community members. Together, they walk, listen, and share stories of place. Experience their journeys through this multidimensional portrait that considers the past, illuminates the present, and evokes possible futures.

Red Dress Productions presents

May I Take Your Arm?

A multidisciplinary, sound immersive piece integrating walking, art, storytelling, and tactile installation.

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Drift Seeds trailer – April 26, 2017

Video description: the camera pans over a clothesline on a sunny and breezy day. Behind the clothesline is a wooden fence. Fixed to the line with wooden clothespins are off-white fabric pieces, cut in large triangles. They are all printed and swaying in the wind with various bird and plant prints in earthy green, yellow, and copper colors.

The audio voiceover subtitles and runs across the screen with the following text: (choir director speaks during first rehearsal) “The song is by composers Spy Denhomme-Welch and Catherine Magowan –

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Drift Seeds performances June 9, 10 & 11, 2017

Red Dress Productions presents
Drift Seeds
A poetic parody for people living in absurd times
Performances JUNE 9, 10 & 11, 2017 @ Winchester Park, Toronto

From Bleecker Street to Rose Avenue, and from Carlton Street to Wellesley Street, over 100 performers and artists will come together to present a vibrant, multi-disciplinary, theatrical production to their communities.

Drift Seeds: a poetic parody for people living in absurd times
Winchester Park, Toronto
Friday June 9 & Saturday June 10 @ 7pm and Sunday June 11 @ 1pm

It’s not too late to become involved in Drift Seeds on or off the stage!

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