Community Corridor of Inclusion & Resilience

Closeup of sensory map

Artwork by Marlena Zuber

Created by the North Hastings Community Integration Association (NHCIA) and led by artist Marlena Zuber, Elder and artist Noreen Tinney, and artist Eliza Plumley, the next phase of the Community Corridor of Inclusion & Resilience (CCIR) – Remembering and Resistance – will facilitate ongoing cultivation of relationships and collective creativity, while grounding itself in Indigenous ceremony and teachings.

Multidisciplinary artist Anna Camilleri has provided artistic mentorship and project development support since the project’s inception in 2018, which led to building a vision for a public artwork that celebrates the cultural riches of North Hastings. This project relies on the participation of the Indigenous, mental health, disabled, and youth-focused social service agencies, as well as local residents.