Alex BulmerAlex Bulmer

Alex is a blind theatre artist and an inclusive arts consultant. She is the artistic director of Invisible Flash UK, Toronto’s Cripping the Stage, and co-founder of the Picasso Project. A fellow of the BBC Performing Arts and the Winston Churchill Foundation, Alex was named one of the most influential disabled artists by UK’s Power Magazine.

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claude wittmannclaude wittmann

claude lives as a transman with disability, works as a bicycle wheel builder, and has contributed to performance art since 2006. Recently he has designed postcards, which state that his concepts have failed his hopes. claude is currently trying to act his artistic ethics more directly towards systemic change.

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Dominique IrelandDominique Ireland

Dominique is of the Turtle clan. Oneida is her nation. She identifies as a Deaf woman who relies on American Sign Language for communication. A social science major at Six Nations Polytechnic, she wants to enter the field of social work, filling the gap in social workers who understand both Deaf and Indigenous culture. Dominique enjoys learning new languages, travel and watercolour painting.

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Hanan HazimeHanan Hazime

Hanan is a multidisciplinary artist, creative writer, community arts educator, and writing instructor living in Toronto. When not writing or creating art, Hanan enjoys reading fantasy and science fiction novels, overanalyzing things, photo-blogging, dancing with faeries in the woods, and drinking copious amounts of tea.

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Jay GorayJay Goray

Jay’s acting is his passion. In February of this year, he performed in the Ontario Rainbow Alliance for the Deaf and Deaf Spectrum’s Dragging ASL to Pride at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre. Born in India, and residing in Toronto, he has been a theatrical actor since he was a child. This year, Jay will be graduating from George Brown College with a degree in business administration.

Jen RoyJen Roy

Jen is a wheelchair dancer and performance artist. She recently co-founded the Cyborg Circus Project with Shay Erlich. Her practice stems from their experiences as a queer, mad, multiply disabled person. They envision a future where disability justice-informed art has permeated the fabric of the arts in Canada.

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Natasha BacchusNatasha Bacchus

Natasha is a Guyanese-Canadian American Sign Language (ASL) instructor, theatrical actress, and personal trainer who will be taking part in the 2019 ASL Deaf Drag Performance at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre. An award-winning track athlete, she has competed globally. In 2014-15, she was the BC Sport Federation for the Deaf’s Outstanding Athlete of the Year.

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Nur AbdulleNur Abdulle

Nur Abdulle is a Black Deaf son of the Somali diaspora, with fluency in American Sign Language (ASL). He is an educator and advocate in various fields, from bilingual ASL-English Deaf education to language acquisition, to gender and sexuality, to social justice.

Peter Owusu-AnsahPeter Owusu-Ansah

Peter is a pop artist who works in photography and paint. Because he is Deaf, seeing is how he captures the joy of life. Some of his pixel art was included in the exhibition Flourishing: Somehow We Stay Attuned, at Tangled Art Gallery. He seeks to deepen audiences’ perception of visual art and how Deaf folks navigate a hearing world. Born in Ghana, Peter lives and works in Toronto.

Sage LovellSage Lovell

Sage is a Deaf artist and founder of Deaf Spectrum — an organization focused on sign language inclusion. Some notable works include: The Clouded Mind (Crip Interiors, 2015) and Deaf, what? (Tangled Art & Disability, 2017). In 2018, they received the Defty Award for their ASL poetry, The Four Elements.

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Shay ErlichShay Erlich

Shay is a wheelchair dancer and performance art critic. They recently co-founded the Cyborg Circus Project (a disability-led dance and circus company) with their partner Jenna Roy. Shay writes about disability art at the Wheelchair Critic, as well as in mainstream publications such as NOW Toronto and the Dance Current.

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Steff JuniperSteff Juniper

Steff Juniper is a third-generation, southern Italian-Canadian, white settler, residing in Tkaronto. They are a sober queer, non-binary trans witch, a mad/disability justice worker, writer and sound artist. They have completed an arts-based MA in Critical Disability Studies at York University.


Tamyka BullenTamyka Bullen

Tamyka is a POC queer woman who has been involved in social justice activism and social services, working with women, LGTQA, and youth for over 20 years. In 2015, she started performing her ASL poetry. In 2018, she made her theatre debut in Deaf That! at Buddies in Bad Times’ Rhubarb Festival and Edmonton’s Sound Off Festival, as well as After the Blackout at Soulpepper.

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Wy Joung KouWy Joung Kou

Kou is a queer multidisciplinary artist based in Toronto. Having gained most of their skills through mentorship and community-based models of learning, their practice includes mosaic, installation, community-based art, performance, and poetry. Kou strives to tell stories, transmit emotion, and create access through language, touch, movement and visuals.

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