Where There Is Smoke

Where There Is Smoke

The Women Firefighter Visibility Project

Where There Is Smoke is an audio installation featuring women firefighters’ stories of standout and workday moments from the community and the fire hall. It serves as a multi-dimensional portrait of career and volunteer firefighters with a diverse range of experience and perspectives on camaraderie, fire science, training, and being one (or a few) amongst many.

The installation follows a dozen arts workshops in Toronto, Hamilton, and Kitchener–Waterloo.Thirty women firefighters, with one to 25 years of firefighting experience, participated.

Through storytelling and creative writing, these firefighters have shared their stories as part of the Women Firefighter Narrative Visibility Project that was conceived as a way for them to tell their stories, in their own words, and to challenge misconceptions of firefighting work.


Fire Service Women Ontario, with support from the Toronto Professional Firefighters’ Association, Ontario Arts Council, Toronto Arts Council, and the Workers Arts & Heritage Centre.