Final Week of Open Studio at the Sherbourne Health Centre

Tomorrow (Thursday, June 9th) is our last day of open studio at the Sherbourne Health Centre, and we’re already lamenting packing up the studio. The project has been heaps of fun, and is worthy of a raucous celebration. We hope that each and every one of you (300+) contributors comes out to the unveiling and reception of this new public artwork on June 21st with your friends, family, and allies.

Many folks have asked what happens between now and June 21st . . . Are we done? As of Thursday June 9 we will be done building the mosaic, but there’ll be a little more work to do. Later this week, a crew of us will be installing the panels on the exterior of the Sherbourne Health Centre. Once the panels are up, we’ll spend a week doing some final tile work and grouting. The mosaic will be tarped, and ready for the big reveal on Tuesday, June 21st.

Comments? Feedback? Questions? Reflections?

The Sherbourne Health Centre Mosaic Project is Red Dress Productions’ 5th large-scale community engaged public artwork project, but it’s the first time that we’ve produced an online gallery with weekly (often daily) project updates with the intent to increase access to the project.

Please take a moment to email us about this project, our online gallery, and/or your experience as a contributor. Sharing your thoughts, comments, or feedback is one important way you can support Red Dress Productions to continue making art with/in communities:

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