Project Updates

Mosaic: A Community Tribute Participants

Mosaic: A Community Tribute contributors include:
Arrow, Maricel Abe, Ryan Abe, Jaeda Allain, Hipolito Alvarado, Jenn Atkins, Shaquille Baptiste, Sheenique Baptiste, Angelica “Superstar” Batalla, Jessica Barardi, Tristan Barardi, Samantha Bautista, Samantha Bowen, Denzel Brooks, Anna Brooks, Rhonda Brown, Dustin Buell, Harly Campana, Michael Campana, Enrique Campos, Richard Carrier-Bragg, Shannon Daugherty, Essie Dauswell, Mary Deacon, Christina Delacruz, Eddie Delacruz, Kathleen Dinwoodie, Richard Domingo, Lynn Forestier, Diane Frankling, Kumar Gananasegaram, Christine Godog, Irene Gonzales, Rowesa Gordon, Liliana Grosso, Paula Grosso, Matthew Guzman, Robbie Haas,

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Finishing Mosaic: A Community Tribute

Mosaic: A Community Tribute, 2006.
8′ high x 17′ and 6″ wide

“This is both my first large-scale public artwork and my first community-engaged mosaic with over 100 volunteer participants . . . steep learning curve.
I’m doing fine tile and seaming grout work. This artwork is permanently installed on an exterior wall of Bleecker Street Co-operative, overlooking Winchester Park in Toronto’s Cabbagetown.”
–Anna Camilleri

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