Photos from our Unveiling and Reception on June 21, 2011

200+ contributors and community members celebrated the unveiling of the Sherbourne Health Centre Mosaic. Thanks for making it such a joyous occasion. A plaque recognizing the artwork’s title, and all project contributors and supporters will be installed in September 2011.
Thanks to Heidi Cho and Boyd Kodak for unveiling and reception still photography (pictured in this post); gracious event host Clare Nobbs; speakers Skye Louis (Neighbourhood Arts Network), Loree Lawrence (Ontario Arts Council), and Doug Kerr and Suzanne Boggild (Sherbourne Health Centre); reception event planners Clare Nobbs, Heidi Cho, Daniel Ellis, Caelin Meredith, Nancy Granda; DJ Katie Yealland; and mosaic working group committee members Clare Nobbs, Nancy Granda, Jen Keystone, Mark Egtesadi, Heidi Cho, Nicole MacLellan, and Marc Piccinato. We’d also like to recognize maintenance and security staff teams at the Sherbourne Health Centre who supported the project in many ways.

“Keep doing this work in communities—it is revolutionary. It changes the world — it is what is meant by creating the world you want to live in.”
— Ambrose Kirby, SHC Mosaic Contributor