Presenting the Inkling Enacted Artist Spotlight series

Introducing the Inkling Enacted Project Spotlight series! Inkling Enacted is a festival of new performance and works-in-progress. Originally set to take place in the Spring of 2020, and postponed due to COVID-19, Inkling Enacted follows a suite of creative projects: the Inkling Incubator, Inkling Symposium, and Inkling of Appreciation.

At its root, Inkling asks: What arises when Deaf, disabled, hearing, and enabled artists collaborate at the ‘inkling’ phase of a creative project and experiment with creative problem solving? Over the summer and fall, 40 artists spanning 8 different projects have leaned into creative processes, distanced collaboration, and a mix of digital and analog explorations.

We’re going digital, in lieu of an IRL festival! The Inkling Enacted Project Spotlight series will highlight these 8 projects over 4 weeks via video highlights, process photos, artist profiles, and artist interviews shared on Red Dress Productions’ social media channels. Tune into our Facebook and Instagram pages between November 16th and December 11th to get to know the artists, their projects, and their undertakings in collaborative, interdisciplinary, and access-oriented artistic processes.

Red Dress Productions gratefully acknowledges support from the Toronto Arts Council Strategic Funding, Ontario Trillium Foundation, Ontario Arts Council, and Canada Council for the Arts.

Special thanks to the Inkling Enacted team: Artistic Co-Directors Anna Camilleri and Tristan R Whiston – Digital Engagement Animators Wy Joung Kou and Annanda DeSilva, Stage Manager Aidan Morishita-Miki – Production Lead Katie Yealland – ASL Interpreters Rogue Benjamin, Amanda Hyde, April Holtam, Latasha Lennox, Amy Lawson, and Scout Huston – Support Workers Blaze Rafferty, Stevia Arthur, and Becky Gold.

Connect with the Inkling Enacted Project Spotlight series in digital:
FB: reddressproductions
IG: @rdpmakesart

[image descriptions: 2 photos taken by Dahlia Katz at the performance of “A Creature, Untamed” at The Buddies and Bad Times 2020 Rhubarb Festival. They feature SteffJuniper as the alien-bat creature, a costume consisting of a black morph suit, bat wings, bat gloves and black leather jazz shoes. Audience members sit on the floor in the background. The first photo shows Steff with wings spread wide, facing the camera head on. Yellow text on a black strip across the photo reads “INKLING ENACTED” on one line and “PROJECT SPOTLIGHTS” on the next line. The 2nd photo shows them in the same pose but with their back to the camera. Yellow and white text at the bottom of the image reads in all capitalized letters “40 artists. 8 projects. Nov 16 – Dec 11 on Facebook and Instagram, presented by Red Dress Productions”. /end image description]