Child holds illustration of Rock Robin

Drift Seeds (2017)

A collaborative, outdoor performance

With live audio description and integrated ASL

Rock Robin, the self-appointed leader of the land, has been brought down and someone must take responsibility. Sparrow confesses amidst rumours of a cover up, and a group of activists parody the state in a mock funeral procession while finding out what really happened.


Still image from Trace trailer

Trace (2015)

A performance installation

Created by Tristan R. Whiston, Moynan King

Whiston’s voice changing as he transitioned ‘from female to male’ turns into a universal experience that asks: How do we reconcile who we have been, with who we are now, with who we are yet to become? 


SweLL poster

SweLL (2009–10)

An interdisciplinary performance

Written and performed by Anna Camilleri, Ivan Coyote, Lyndell Montgomery, Leslie Peters

Queer tales. True, except when they’re not. This collection of stories swell and implode the spaces between cultural institutions and queer landscapes, between female and male, between tightly produced performance and kitchen table talk.

Never Man's Land

Never Man’s Land (2008)

An interdisciplinary performance

Written and directed by Tristan R. Whiston
Starring Anna Camilleri, Christopher Cauley, Canon Cook

Using Peter Pan as a frame of reference to explore issues of gender identity, Never Man’s Land is a contemporary tale about a transgendered person who doesn’t know how to grow up amid the conflicting messages of their body.

Sounds Siren Red poster

Sounds Siren Red (2004–06)

A one-woman performance

Written and performed by Anna Camilleri
Directed by Tristan R. Whiston
Video art by Leslie Peters

A lyrically infused exploration on generational violence, Sounds Siren Red draws from Camilleri’s memoir, I Am a Red Dress: Incantations on a Grandmother, a Mother, and a Daughter (Arsenal Pulp Press, 2004).