Disability, equity and collaborative artmaking

Inkling is a series of workshops and events that explore intersectionality in the arts. Our goal is to find ways of centring disability and equity within collaborative artmaking.

As an organization led by artists who embody disabled and enabled experience, we often grapple with the pedagogy of inclusion: “Who is including who?” While methods of ‘access’ and ‘inclusion’ are often tacked on after an artwork has been created, Deaf and disabled artists and audiences are often positioned on the periphery.

These concerns go to the root of how we create, which is to dismantle systemic barriers that limit the participation of many.

Here’s what we’ve been working on to make this happen:

Inkling Enacted logo


November 16 – December 11 2020 & February 5, 2021

A festival of new performance and works-in-progress

Inkling Symposium logo


Saturday, April 27, 2019

A day of panels and performances on disability, equity, and the arts

Inkling Incubator logo


January 7–11 & February 18–22, 2019

A workshop on inclusive collaboration in the arts