Promise in the Park: The Winchester Park Public Art Project

Promise in the Park is a multidisciplinary project that seeks to create permanent and public art in the Winchester Park area based upon on the local stories and traditions of the people living there. Through an immersive and evolving community engaged 4-year artistic process, we aimed to showcase, cross pollinate, and grow the unknown or unacknowledged cultural riches that are present in the neighbourhood, catalyze new social connections, and increase neighbourhood safety by revitalizing its public spaces and community life.

This 4-year process included phases of outreach, creative and community development, and resulted in 5 large permanent mosaic artworks (Hatch, Flightpath, Birds of a Feather, Cornerstone, and Fancy) and an outdoor theatrical production called Drift Seeds: A poetic parody for people living in absurd times.

Here are some images from the past four years: