To The Table

A flyer with the title To the Table and a lot of text (see in the page for the text) There is an image in the lower right hand corner of a wooden table and chairs. During summer 2018, Red Dress Productions will be immersed in To The Table — a multi-discipline artistic residency in Fred Johnson Park, in the heart of Scarborough Village. Through interactive workshops with community members, we’ll create a modular sculpture, and ephemera including small hand printed and stitched works, mosaics, and audio pieces. The shared experience we seek is take a common object – the kitchen table – and use it as a medium to explore inclusion, and to counter urban anonymity. To the Table is inspired by artist Lois Weaver’s performance The Long Table that suggest models for public engagement, and the Principles of Universal Design, which is the design and composition of an environment or object so that it can be accessed and used to the greatest extent possible by all people across a spectrum of age, size, ability or disability.

Fred Johnson Park is a small park that features an active community garden on Kingston Road just south of Eglinton Avenue East.

Thanks to support of the Toronto Arts Council and the Toronto Arts Foundation through the Animating Toronto Parks program.

The image is of a park in winter. In the foreground, a signs reads "Fred Johnson Park"; the sky is grey and overcast, the trees have no leaves and the garden is dormant.