Promise in the Park: Tornado of Wings

We’re continuing with conceptual development of Promise in the Park, a four-year public art project, through arts workshop with community members and organizations in Toronto’s Winchester Park neighbourhood.

Ideas that emerged earlier this year have led us to explore stories of loss, spring, and transformation including the Greek Myth of Persephone and Fisher and the Seasons, an Anishinabe Legend. These sketches were produced a couple of days ago during our workshop with Maggies: The Toronto Sex Workers Action Project.

Fisher, a fierce fox-sized animal, who — with the help of Wolverine, Otter, and Lynx — jumps through a hole in sky land where is it warm and summer-like. There, all the worlds birds are in cages. Fisher chews through the rawhide that binds the cages and frees the birds that spiral up into a great dark cloud, and then spiral down down through the hole in the sky and re-enter the world below. As the hole is made larger, the warmth of summer leaks into the land below and melts the snow.