trace – Day 2 and 3

Moynan’s panoramic shot taken while setting up for trace in Regina

Day 2: Regina: January 16

We were at the Artesian Arts Company in Regina early to start setting up for trace. What a beautiful space this is – thanks to Todd and Andrew for all of their help, in particular for receiving our very heavy road cases early and loading them into the theatre (and thanks to the Regina passersby who voluntarily stopped to help them with this challenge – and to the passersby who stopped to help us load them back into the van at the end of the night ). Tristan left the theatre for a short while this morning to go to CJTR Regina Community Radio where he met the lovely folks (Mikayla, Dylan and Stephanie) at Gender Talk Saskatchewan and was delighted to join them on air for their show. Check them out at

At 7:30, our audience arrived, and our first show of the tour went off without a hitch.  Thanks Regina for a great start to the tour!
Day 3: Leaving Regina: January 17

Today, Adrien and Tristan woke early to begin the long drive to our next venue. Our miniature u-haul was all packed, and we were ready for an early start….

And, after spending just three hours dealing with the still dead battery we had spent two hours dealing with yesterday, we were finally on the open road headed towards Edmonton….Dawson City, here we come!