WRTN/SPKN: a creative writing and zine making project

WRTN/SPKN is a creative writing and zine making project at the Triangle Prgram, Canada’s only high school for LGBT (queer and trans) spectrum students. 

For several weeks, we explored creative writing (particularly memoir) through practices including free association, “cut-up,” word strings, found poetry, and collaborative writing. We experimented with voice and form, and the relationship between the written and spoken, and visually explored word. Throughout our creative process, students were encouraged to claim their place as storytellers. I provided guidance for the work being produced, but students’ areas of interest (themes and motifs) led the project. Our work together culminated in the production and presentation of individual zines. –Anna Camilleri
Here’s a Vimeo link for a video featuring work produced by Triangle students during this interdisciplinary creative writing project: